Things to do

Things to do

A large hearth welcomes you.
There is no slippers in our inn, but since we are cleaned with all our heart every day, please spend it with bare feet with confidence.
By circulating hot spring heat under the floor, it is warm in the winter.

Hotel Facilities

  • Guest lobby only

    You can listen to your favorite music while enjoying the view from the window in the audio room on the second floor of the new building.

  • New-style rest lounge

    We also have a reclining chair where you can relax and have a relaxing time.
    Enjoy the scenery and enjoy reading freely.

  • gallery

    Since there are plenty of paintings in the New Wing Crossing, please look at the stroll in the facility.
    In the corridor there are many antiques in addition to paintings.

Nature walk

  • A walk

    Why do not you go out and explore around the hotel surrounded by forests and rivers?
    Forget the daily bustle and you will be able to enjoy the nature of Hokkaido.

  • View

    From the large window of our inn, you can observe wild birds and wild animals slowly with an illustration.
    If you are lucky you can also meet rare animals such as owl owl and Martes Zibellina Brachyura.

  • Yukata selection

    We have chosen yukata for women and children.
    Please choose your favorite clothing from among many yukata lineups.
    Since yukata and bands have various patterns and colors, you should definitely find one of your favorite clothes.

Facility content

Facility content Massage room/Audio room/Ice machine
【Service & Leisure (including arrangement)】 Please also ask at the front desk for playing trumps, go and mahjong table
【About payment】 JCB / Visa / Master / American Express / UC / DC / Diners / SAISON / UFJ / Debit Card